Supporting 3rd sector groups working with Multiple Support Needs

It can be hard to get the statutory services to help with funding small local charities working to support children with neurodevelopmental conditions, their families and other relevant people or professionals working with this group despite the idea of 'co-production'. Our charity supports children  from birth and continues to offer support through to adulthood. We are open and accessible to parents even whilst a diagnosis is still unconfirmed. We offer early, timely developmentally-based therapy  interventions and make services affordable to all, yet as we are regarded as being on the periphery of the typical statutory services our 'referrals' from statutory service providers in health, social care and education does not come with any finances to help us deliver the range of services which the charity  have to subsidise. Helping charities who are offering valuable and much needed services should be made easier in terms of the processes for applying for funding especially when we cover both city and shire children (& Adult) services. 

Why the contribution is important

We would like our priority to be on delivering the support services and training and not have to spend the time 'jumping through' the potential funding hoops. We are clinicians by trade and it is very frustrating that the success of getting funding is often more about how we have filled in a form than the potential long term benefits we offer the children and families.

We want to maintain close working links with ex-colleagues in statutory and 3rd sector organisations and feel that there should be much more streamlining and joint working AND funding to improve the quality of life for children with multiple support needs and the whole family.

by adelelindsay on December 01, 2016 at 02:55PM

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