I suggest that resources within Aberdeenshire for supporting pupils with additional needs within schools are re-addressed.

The decision on whether a pupil requires a pupil support assistant should be a much more smoother and fluid process without having to "plead a child's case" at the end of each term. 

Furthermore, I think that pupil support assistants should receive training prior to working with pupils with additional needs relevant to the pupil/pupils needs.

I also suggest teaching staff receive relevant updates on pupils behavioural conditions such as autism. I feel the way forward would be a professional travelling to schools  to deliver teaching would benefit staff instead of staff having to travel to Aberdeen, requiring to be released for a whole school day.

Why the contribution is important

I believe this idea is important because GIRFEC can only be successful when a child feels supported and safe in the school environment.

If completed correctly, transitional periods in a child's life should then run much smoother and the child has the tools to be able to achieve their potential. 

Introducing teaching about autism and other behavioural conditions into schools, ensures staff are updated regularly and are able to adapt teaching methods and introduce new working strategies to best support these children in the classroom.

by michellemorrow on November 17, 2016 at 02:41PM

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