replace targeted support with one to one support

aberdeenshire does not offer one to one support for children with asn what they get is targeted support the problem with this is thats one psa to three or more children with asn who is supposted to support all these children at the same time but what happens if two or more of these children require support at the same time i.e you can not timetable a meltdown, bathroom help quite often a psa will have to stop supporting a child to learn to support another child. psa's are missing childrens triggers as they have to put their attention to the child most in need. each child will asn should be allocated a amount of hours per week for one to one support this should be judged on the asn of the induvidual child. 

Why the contribution is important

my idea is important because it will help each child with asn meet their potential and reduce their anxiety. 

by pamela on November 30, 2016 at 02:02PM

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