Mindfulness for All (staff and pupils)

It has been proven that practising mindfulness has a positive impact on health, attainment and achievement. There is now good, research-based evidence to support the implementation of mindfulness in both schools and the workplace. 

 I have begun to introduce mindfulness at school, supported an -in-service day within the local cluster, where there was a strong focus on mindfulness, and have formed an email 'mindfulness group' spanning several clusters within Aberdeenshire.

The Alford cluster recently had Katherine Weare (Emeritus Professor at Exeter and Southhampton universitites) as a keynote speaker.  She advised that the impact of mindfulness is much more effective when a 'structured' approach is in place, rather than everyone using different approaches with no framework in place.

To that end I am prepared to train as a mindfulness teacher to support not only my own school, but also the local cluster.  I would also be willing to work with others to support staff and pupils across Aberdeenshire. 



Why the contribution is important

The mental health of our pupils and our staff has to be the most important barrier to overcome as we aim to get it right for everyone. 


by GWATT on November 22, 2016 at 09:46AM

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