Meeting children's needs

Meeting learning and physical needs of children with complex issues is only possible when there is meaningful collaboration between school, family and multi-agency personnel. This involves time to ensure effective communication of what is going well and why, and what is not going so well and why.

Currently it seems there is something of a postcode lottery where some children have limited provision to meet complex needs; parents are not informed about facilities/provision in centres beyond their own area and are unable to compare one with another.

Within mainstream schools the complexity of need is very much greater than it has been in the past. Children cannot be supported effectively in a consistent way due to limited provision of PSA staff, and many children who would in the past have been included in Enhanced Provision settings are no longer able to access this kind of support. 

Where effective teamwork exists it is often excellent. Constant frustrations due to the limitations imposed by people who have little understanding of the challenges of very dedicated teachers and support staff, multi-agency personnel and carers,erode morale and cause undue professional and personal stress which impacts on everyone involved.

Real consultation with those involved could transform many elements of these challenges, meeting current needs in a deep and meaningful way and avoiding future confrontation and distress which ultimately undermines the excellent work that takes place in early stages.


Why the contribution is important

Teaching approaches are flexible and carefully matched to the needs of all learners. Teachers always take account of what motivates learners when planning their lessons. They are very aware of individual interests and needs, planning activities set in meaningful contexts with appropriate outcomes.

Materials are imaginatively presented to ensure that learners master basic concepts and are able to move onto appropriate next steps.

Staff empathise with the varying needs of all learners and respond sensitively to children and their families. Children and young people feel safe and secure in their relationships with key staff and become more confident in their learning by being given appropriate support and challenge.

Getting it right for every child must address the current gap that undoubtedly exists in provision of support for pupils and teachers in our schools.

by Sarah1901 on December 01, 2016 at 07:08PM

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