Increase After School Provision

Before and After School care provision for young children needs to be hugely increased. There is nowhere near enough provision for this. Our local after school club, the only one currently in the town, has a waiting list that is years long. Although there are more providers in a nearby town, our daughter will be unable to attend because she falls outwith their catchment area. Our town now has two primary schools yet only one small after school club. 

Why the contribution is important

At present we have no idea how we are going to manage when our daughter begins school next year. We are working parents and are simply not going to be available every day to pick her up in the middle of the afternoon - particularly when we both work a 45 minute drive away from the school. We know that this is a huge concern to many working parents in the area and really feel that the council has to have some responsibility towards providing safe and appropriate care for the children who live in its communities. After school clubs can provide necessary routine and structure to a child's care, as well as providing both social and learning opportunities and giving the children a chance to be active with their peers. All of these things are important for a child's development and it seems ridiculous that these services aren't automatically provided by schools and/or the council and are large enough to cover the number of children requiring the service. The school nursery already operates during hours that are unworkable for many parents and this is then continued once they begin school. It seems a curiously old fashioned ideal as the reality is that most families have two working parents, yet there is no provision to accommodate this in the community. 

by Mayaberry on December 02, 2016 at 02:09PM

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