improve placing request process

We recently went through the 2 month placing request process the end result was the quality impovement officer asked us to visit both specail schools and she would contact us for our desion (stated in MAPP minutes). Over one month has now passed since then and we still have no confirmed space just alot of back tracking and confusion not what we were expecting at all as during the MAPP meeting we were told to make our choice then a meeting would be aranged at that school to discuss best way get finlay started at the school we choose. So my idea is to improve this service as this causes alot of stress to familys with children with specail needs. once services are offered to familys there should be no back tracking, delay tactics etc...

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My idea is important as familys need to feel as though they can trust education services to get it right for there child

by pamela on November 30, 2016 at 10:52AM

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