Ideas to help develop Aberdeenshire's Children's services plan

Answer to Q1: As a working mum, I value having local playgroups and nurseries to send my children to in the village we live in (Tarland) so that my children can mix with the local children in our community.  I also feel this will help with the transition into Primary 1.  I value the fact that I have been able to organise split funding so my children can attend their local nursery and then a private nursery to fit around my working hours.  I value the support that was given to me by the health visitors when my children were small.  I value our local library in Aboyne and the library bus service that visits local villages.  I value the community centre in Aboyne and access to children's groups and the swimming pool there.  Fortunately I have not had to access any social work or child mental health services but I do feel that these services are highly important for people who need them.

Answer to Q2: In my own situation I think that ante-pre and pre-school nursery provision at our local school could be improved if it provided wrap around child care for working parents/to enable parent to work.  I also think that the provision of breakfast clubs, afterschool clubs and provision of holiday clubs and activities could be improved in the wider rural community.  I also think that services could be improved for early intervention with health/social care services - more parent/child baby groups focussing on communication/interaction, baby massage etc.

Why the contribution is important

I have explained why the points are important in the above 'what is your idea' box.


On a seperate note, I think it is a shame that the format of this page does not cleanly fit the 2 questions asked regarding this consultation and I am sure this will put many people off expressing their ideas.

by JennyAStewart on December 04, 2016 at 09:49PM

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