Health Visitor expansion

Reasoning :- we have experienced difficulties getting hold of our local Health Vistor to help us bridge the gap with Child developent and even a reffereal for Social work involvement. Messages and numerous calls ensued and eventualy required to go direct for help as told short staffed and couldnt help.

Idea :-

Closer working relationships between individual surgeries and areas and a centralised information point. Where some areas are obviously having issues with understaffing there should be a central point that has all the information on staffing levels for all surgries and departments. When surgeries are short staffed for certain departments then a simple check via a directory can possibly lead to an additional resource being able to be contacted to assist. Even if it is just via a directed phone service.


Why the contribution is important

I believe that there are many individuals that are falling through gaps in the system due to staff shortages. We need to make sure that the resources that are available are utilised in the best way possible. By even getting to speak to someone on the phone may eleiviate an issue that could easily escalate with not getting to speak to someone.

by Dave795 on December 01, 2016 at 12:51PM

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