Good supports

There are some good supports for additional needs but not enough information is getting out to parents that need it.Social workers aren't having information passed on to them.Resources like sharing information through Health Centres and schools needs to be used better.At the moment people are finding out through other parents but some are still not getting any support. SCILL, SENSATIONALL, ME TOO & QUARRIERS, SOUNDS, LIGHT, SENSORY, GRAMPIAN AUTISTIC SOCIETY, ASK all have good support

Why the contribution is important

Parents and Professionals need to start working together more.There should be one priority and that's our children's future.Right now parents, professionals and our children are not sharing enough information to improve services.We need to make a difference now for our children and future generations or we are going to increase the adult mental health issues

by Gill2010 on December 01, 2016 at 11:06PM

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