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Integrating more services with the community would help children grow up with a sense of their place in the community and give more confidence to children within their community. Health visitors seem particularly under resourced, and provide the first point of contact with new mums. There used to be occasional newsletters that highlighted what baby groups and support there are for parents. This approach should be more focused and sustained. Health visitors and bookbug representatives should visit baby and toddler groups. Providing advice and support for new parents. School nursery and preschool groups are vital for children to meet with others and learn new skills outside of the home. These groups should be encouraged to make links with the toddler groups, to engage with the community and ensure children are familiar with staff and parents know what is available. Pre school Funding is a real mystery to parents, and knowledge of this should ensure more children benefit. Schools could encourage community engagement more. Partnering with community councils and providing a road map of options that could be pursued to assist the kids in the community gain more life skills and experience.

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There's a need for communities to take more responsibility for engaging with and providing development opportunities for the children within the community. It shouldn't be schools that take total responsibility for this, as this only serves to erode the sense of community further.

by aileendavidson on November 28, 2016 at 09:09PM

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  • Posted by Mumoftwo December 11, 2016 at 22:21

    Completely agree that schools cannot take on this responsibility on their own.
    Our local primary school was closed a few years ago and now all of our youngsters are now bussed to another village in order to attend school. They also have to go outwith our community to attend any after school clubs or uniformed groups. Our community needs to have a connection with these kids in order to help them find their place in their own village. Anything that can be done to promote this should be encouraged.
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