Better use of services that compliment or replace mainstream education for those that need it

When mainstream education does not meet (or fully meet) the needs of the individual child, additional support and/or services should be more easily accessible to children and their families.  The families I am aware of who need this for a child often has long and stressful journeys to get what their child needs in order to achieve what they can.  Too often, children miss having any education at all when they can't attend mainstream schooling.  GIRFEC is for EVERY child, not just those that fit with a 'normal' profile (whatever normal may be).

Why the contribution is important

It is time to recognise that the Nurture of each child's ability needs to be tailored to the child.  Surely the ability of the child to Achieve what they can should be enabled so that he/she can feel Respected and Included?

by LVSS on November 28, 2016 at 01:15PM

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