In order to participate in this consultation it is required that one is computer literate and willing to register, always assuming one has access to this consultation in first place. That will automatically exclude the vast majority of stakeholders.

This comes in addition to the usage of paedagogic jargon that is only meaningful to people with the relevant background. The group of people who would benefit the most from these services are the least likely to respond.

I would like to suggest you get someone to translate the jargon and then find different means of communication to get it out to people with a vested interest.

Thank you.


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My idea is important because a consultation makes only sense when the affected people are consulted with and not only with those who are conveniently in reach.

by Usch on November 28, 2016 at 11:03PM

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  • Posted by Kellysmum December 04, 2016 at 23:08

    Well said. Am scrolling up and down, how do you do this? How to forward this to other parents without putting them off. Do I really have to register? To go further and wait for an email confirmation and then try to make sense of this. And we wonder why it is hard to get parents to volunteer their time to help their child's school? I so wanted to try and put this out there to everyone but have given up myself....
  • Posted by Mumoftwo December 11, 2016 at 16:10

    As a Parent Council member I have forwarded information about this consultation out to Parent Forum members but wonder how many will actually take part? Agree that anything you have to register with can put off people but realise that there has to be some way to monitor who is commenting...
    So many parents say that they want to be involved with their childrens learning but don't actually do anything about it. The council says that parents views are important and will be taken into consideration but many feel that nothing ever seems to be done about the things that we complain about so why waste time doing this.
    How about holding cluster wide open events where parents and guardians, children too, could come along and register their ideas, with council staff on hand to explain and represent the different services available? Then they (the council staff) could fill out these surveys with us, and get a real feel of what we want and need in order to feel included.
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